Lemon And Honey For Running Nose

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Cures Dry Cough.


Treats Acid Reflux.


Reduces Acidity.


Cures Asthma.


Good For Running Nose And Cold.


Helps In Reducing Weight.


Good For Dry Skin.


Reduces Age Spots.


Makes Dull Hair Shine.





Cures Running Nose.


Treats Anxiety.


Removes Dandruff.


Good For Dull Hairs.


Lightens Acne Scars.


Treats Pimples.


Good For Oily Skin.


Cures Wrinkles.


Treats Skin Pigmentation.


Helps To Loose Weight.


Cures Asthma.







For this home remedy all you need is honey and lemon. 


Squeeze a lemon to extract its juice.


Warm a glass of water.


Add this freshly prepared lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey to it.


Mix it well.


Drink it twice a day to cure running nose.



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